We obey creativity.

There is no boss.


Webaayu wants to make a comfortable and an interactive move for you. Instead of asking you to plough through the newly constructed challenges of running a business as well as maintaining an online standing, we familiarize you with experts that will help you walk through the process. You envision what your digital persona will look like – the places you want to be viewed, the mediums through which you want to be viewed, and how you want to be viewed.

In no time will you be able to find yourself amongst all the other forerunners of the industry, sharing ranks with innovators of the web. We make sure that businesses develop faster than the times they exist in.

We strongly believe that every solution should be unique just like your business and you.

So, Who are we?

Webaayu Interactive is a fix-all solution to all your web development needs. We are situated in Edmonton, Alberta, in the great nation of Canada. We hold the philosophy that nothing but change is constant, and as you can see in the 21 st century, we are rapidly changing into a civilization that belongs more to the online world than it does to the physical world. Just like that, all great entrepreneurs need to make the move to the digital world as well. Now having an online identity is just as important as establishing a physical hallmark of your company.

How do we do?

We cater to your vision by creating a digital blueprint that meets your marketing needs and wants. Our experts will design and develop your ideas into something that can be viewed on the World Wide Web by millions of people, creating an outlet of your brand that is accessible from any nook and corner of the world. We make sure that we create an online identity for you which will suit your brand image. After its creation, we go the extra mile to ensure constant debugging and troubleshooting, never leaving you to fend for yourself.

Why Choose us?

  • We specialize in any service that you would require from us to create a distinctive place for yourself on the internet.
  • We understand the online world and we are willing to help you explore it as your tourist guide.
  • We will provide you not only with an online identity, but stick around to maintain it as well with our constant troubleshooting and technical support.
  • We make your dream an affordable reality.
  • Payment? We offers reasonable billing plan of your choice.


Webaayu Interactive, The Best Choice for Your Web Development Needs.

We believes in qualitative work which helps our valued clients to posses their business at next level. If we sounds interesting to you, let's discuss more.