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We believe in making your business unforgettable.

We are situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but our services are worldwide. To be able to keep up with the time and create a standing for your company in the industry, physical and digital, a distinctive web persona is essential. Webaayu helps you create a brand image by providing the tools that you will require for it. We offer services ranging from web application development with responsive designs to forming digital marketing strategies with marketing material that is uniquely adapted to making your brand well renowned.


What do we do to enrich your online presence?

We stop at nothing to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind and innovative online presence.

Webaayu Interactive offers you affordable and creative web services.

No matter what business you run from product manufacturing to personalized desserts bakeries, whatever industry you are categorized in, or whatever form of brand image you want to create, you will be either motivated by the novelty or the necessity of digital marketing.

Digital Strategy

For a strong digital presence, we provide different strategy to your business.


Website Development

Our custom web development solution make your presence unique.


Web Applications

We develop different user interactive solution at our shop.


In a fast moving world, where digital marketing is just as important – or even precedes – all other forms of marketing, it is important for your brand and company to have a digital landmark in the World Wide Web that makes it stand out amongst all its competitors.
We are here to provide you with everything you need in order to make a digital standing that is number one in terms of not only search engine results, but also quality and innovation.

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Are you interested to drive your targeted audience from the first impression of your website into a meaningful transaction?

Our user friendly website design and development can make it happen.
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