Digital Strategy

At Webaayu, our marketing strategy is holistic and effective. We provide an array of services for a strong digital presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most integral functions for any business to undertake in order to have a successful and prominent internet presence. We help you in the following ways to achieve that.

Content Writing

We create content for businesses that is optimized to find highest rankings in search results, creating mass traffic to your website, ensuring your content gets across your vision.

Link Building

We focus on link building to ensure that the PageRank algorithm picks your website out of all others, because we know Google has ranked backlinks in its top three ranking signals.

SEO Audit

Analysis is as important as application. We provide services that help you evaluate the kind of content your websites have, what the search engine bots see, and what kind of traffic you will generate.

Penalty and Recovery

We provide services that will help pull you out in the darkest of times. If you have been penalized, we help you find out why and then we use indexing Webmaster tools to remedy the problem as well – which involves all the extensive configurations of bad backlinks and other violations.

Social Media

As the world progresses, it comes closer together due to the power of social media. It is the marketing tool that knows no boundaries of geography, age, or time. It can reach anywhere and everywhere.

Social Strategy

We help you create a marketing strategy that is reaches far and wide across social media platforms, generating the maximum traffic while maintaining the brand image you want to project to the masses.

Social Media Audit

It is necessary to ensure everything is going as planned after you execute a plan. An audit may not sound fun but it will yield data that is essential in improving what you are doing right, and terminating what you are doing wrong. We will do all the paperwork, so you have instant access to the analysis.

Social Profile Creation

We will tailor your social media profiles according to the different audiences that you intend to attract and the audience that will have access to your profile to ensure that your brand image matches your vision entirely.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool that reaches out to people on a mass scale while at the same time creating channels of personal communication.

Email Send Out (opt in, opt out tracking)

We help you control the mechanisms of your email send out, ensuring that you are utilizing your send outs in the most optimum manner at the right times, in the right quantities. We also help you track subscriptions to see who opts in and who opts out.

Send Out Deals and Coupons to a valued customer

We help you draft the sort of customer value programs you can undertake via email including special deals and coupons that will help you generate customer loyalty to your brand.


We help create newsletters that are concise but effective, ensuring that people who use email as a channel of communication are up-to- date with news and updates from your business.

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Online presence is a vital part for your business or an organization. Its really a collection of websites, social media, e-Commerce or any other aspect of marketing to create definite presence of your company.