5 Signs That Your Edmonton Business Needs A New Website

By Stuti Patel | Jul 6, 2019


“Why do we need a website? We usually get our business from references.” or ” My website is just fine. why should I waste my money on a new one?” 
Have you heard someone say it recently? or brutal, have you said it yourself?

Now maybe the time to look at the reasons to decide if you need a new website.


1. Your web design is unattractive and plain
Is your website not as wide as various screens? Are your product’s images are of high quality? Does it have only one page? Does it have all the images and not much of the information or vice versa? If you don’t find your website attractive, chances are everybody else is also finding the same. Today’s buyers prefer something beautifully designed. Putting up eye-catchy images, using colours that can best describe your brand value is a very crucial part of the web design. 

2. Your website is not mobile ready
Are you still pinching and pulling your website screen? Does it break down in pieces? Is it too small to read? If your answer is yes, you sure do need a multiple screens supportive website. People depend on their mobile for day to day tasks. If your website doesn't serve them best, you could lose a large number of consumers.  

3. It is not consistent 
Have you had few developers have worked on your website recently? Do have different fonts, colours, and page formatting though out the webpage? If your answer is yes, your website is probably uneven. This can make your webpages disorganized and confusing for the audience.

4. Loading time is long
Does your website take a long time to load? Does the loading wheel keep spinning when you land on the page?  If your answer is yes, your website might be taking an eternity to load. According to research, people are likely to spend about 10 seconds before deciding whether to move ahead on the website. 

5. Your Website is hard to show in the search result
Does your website show up on the first two pages? If your answer is no, your website could have very low SEO rank. Search engines use various factor such as fresh content, load time,  UI/UX to determine the website’s eligibility to show up on a top result.  


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