Web Design Tips For Lead Generating Website in 2020

By Stuti Patel | Feb 3, 2020


You could be a small accounting company or baking goodies from scratch in a small kitchen, you could be a clothing apparel boutique or equipment rental. Presenting your service the best way possible can be a tricky job. Read on to get some ideas from our web designers on how to craft web pages to attract more people to your website and giving them a better user experience to convert them into possible customers. 

1. Keep It simple and easy to Navigate
A heavily wordy, a cluttered web page is unlikely to be appealing. It makes it difficult to dig into the information. Try to simplify your page in a way that it can serve your visitors with valuable information. Implementing white space also known as negative space can increase your readability and content prioritization. 

2. Follow current trends for designing
Using flashy visuals and more colors or a lot of stock photos can drift apart consumers from your website. The current trend for web designing includes a drop-down menu, mild colors images, vector images- icons, etc. furthermore, adding rotating testimonials can give real feedback from the customers. For example, Vortex energy’s website has done a good job of presenting information on their homepage.  

3. Add social media follow and share button
If you do not have a social media share button, chances are you are missing a lot of online traffic. Add share buttons at page footer and along with your blog post so people can share and spread your content on the internet. 

4. Make it mobile-friendly 
Making mobile-friendly is the rule of thumb in digital space. As most of us rely on our phones for day to day tasks. It is essential that your design is mobile-adaptable. Pinching and zooming a website is an outdated version of the design. 

These web design tips are sure to help you generate leads for your business in the new year. If you feel stuck, we are here to help. Please contact Webaayu Interactive to improve your web design and to know more about our expertise.

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