Why do you need an e-Commerce?

By Stuti Patel | Apr 22, 2020


Have you ever purchased something off from the internet? Well, you have already played your part in the e-Commerce universe! 
You could have an awesome business idea, or you might be owning a physical store already, adding an eCommerce to that fusion can change the whole scene. Especially in this lockdown time. So, what is an eCommerce and why should you have it?

E-commerce is exactly what it sounds like, selling and purchasing goods as well as services online. 
There are number of reasons for you to have it. We listed five of them for you. 

1. It is convenient
e-Commerce is convenient for your consumers. In our busy lives, it is just a few clicks away. It can be excessed from laptops, mobiles or other gadgets. Customers can order anytime from anywhere. They can track orders and even give feedback about goods and services. 

2. The market gets to new places
When you take your business online, its reach expands. Your products can be seen and purchased by people all over, while with a traditional physical location, you are limited by time and space.
Basically, an eCommerce website creates endless possibilities and new markets to explore. Therefore, increasing your revenue opportunities.

3. Speed up daily operation cycle
Most of the successful business has a kind of hybrid operation.

Even if they own a lavish physical location, they still have an online presence with e-Commerce.  People could place orders online and have an option to curbside pick up or home delivery options. 

Which means faster Sale Turnaround than the traditional model. 

4. It boosts your brand’s visibility

Strategic digital marketing and combining it with e-Commerce could have a lasting effect on SEO as consumers will be able to share your links and provide feedback. Subsequently, increasing your brand awareness. 

5. It is a ‘Need of the hour’
As much as we hate it, lockdowns and social distancing is the new norm. in a situation like this, when only essential services are allowed open physical location. e-Commerce could be the last standing man for your business. 

If you always wanted to dive into the e-Commerce world, now is a good time to do it. We are expertise in custom e-Commerce solutions.  In order to help small businesses around Edmonton and area, we pledge to help with a discounted rate. Contact us for more details. 

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