Digital marketing strategies to survive and thrive in COVID 19

By Stuti Patel | Jul 14, 2020


There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for everyone. No one was prepared for a global pandemic of this scale. People are stuck at home and businesses are losing revenue. This pandemic exposed weaknesses in the business models and poor preparation to tackle unprecedented circumstances. One of them is not having an online presence or a lack of digital strategies.

In a time like this, your physical location may have to shut down but you can keep your business running- Online. Transform your business digitally and adapt to deliver your product safely to clients at their homes. 

If you feel your business is stuck, do not give up. Be proactive and move your business online to keep the revenue flowing. 

If you are to survive and thrive in a pandemic, you will need a website and Online marketing. 

As people spend most of their time at home and surrounded by the internet, there will be a change in consumer behaviour. People are going to perform more transactions online than ever before. 

This is a perfect time to focus on online presence and take over the entire marketplace in your favour. 

We have outlined some actionable strategies in this blog that can help you navigate the current situation and preparing for the post COVID world. 

1. Move your business online, start e-Commerce
Right now, with fear of going outside and mandatory stay- at -home orders, more people are home and using online shopping for essentials like groceries, medicines, and cleaning products. However, online shopping is not limited to essentials only. People are buying other products like clothes, gadgets as well as booking for services. 

Whatever industry you are in, once you close your physical store, you will need to move your business online to be able to survive the pandemic and changed consumer behaviour. As people are getting used to online shopping it is hard to imagine that they will ever be coming back in great numbers. 
Adapting to an online solution is something you cannot miss out on. There are many platforms such as WordPress, woo-commerce and Shopify offers e-commerce services. These platforms allow you to build a website for you or hire someone like Webaayu to do it for you. However, if you are looking for a custom solution, we at Webaayu have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that builds a custom e-Commerce solution for your business. We offer inventory management, upload product images, setting up prices and secured payment gateways. To help our local community, we are offering a large discount on our services.
2. Get connected with consumers, Make use of your CRM and email list 
If your demand is not high and you are struggling with cash flow, you can still do your marketing by email campaigns. This is a very affordable way to leverage what you have and reach people on a large scale. Use your email list following way. 

  1. Find the most valuable customers and provide them with special offers or just offer your empathy.
  2. Reach existing leads that have not yet shop from you with a special offer. 

As email marketing is a low cost and highest return digital marketing tool, it can add great value to your marketing in a pandemic. 
We are living in a very challenging time, but every crisis offers some opportunity, stay tuned as we list out more tips in the next blog. Meanwhile, if you need help with moving your business online, website development or email marketing, please get in touch with us
Stay safe everyone. 

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