Why Email Marketing Is an Inarguable Part of Digital Strategies?

By Stuti Patel | Jul 24, 2019


Electronic Mail, According to folks at Radicati Group, almost around 34% of the people around the world use emails and it is predicted to increase about 2% in a coming couple of years. World send approximately 196 B emails every day and out of those 109 B emails are a business email.
There is no way to ignore email marketing. 

It is affordable

Local or small business usually work with a small marketing budget. That means going with most inexpensive works better for them. Email marketing is a very cost-effective digital strategy for any type of business. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and customize.  

It is personal

People prefer to do business with whom they can trust, and that can be built by getting in touch with them with a personalized email. While social media is bombarded with all kinds of marketing posts, getting personalized email gives special feels.

It is convenient

Consumers can get all the new offers and promotions with the email on their phone. Thereby, they stay in touch with your brands. They can redeem points or coupons with their phone whenever they want.

It is instant

With email, people can get access to any last minute or limited time offer deal. Small business can get in touch with consumers to get them any new product launch info or promotion. 

It integrates with other strategies and easy to track

Email marketing can be used to promote new content or social media campaign and it is easy to track the ROI as email Softwares can track who has opened your email, who has accessed to your website using email.

Webaayu Tip -  If you are not already deploying email marketing with other digital strategies, you should consider it to strengthen your customer service and build strong relationships with current as well as future customers. Designing layouts to Newsletter, creating email content to run a whole email campaign, We could help you with all your email marketing needs. Contact Webaayu Interactive for strategies your email marketing plan.  

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