Things We (Should and Could) Do For Digital Marketing!

By Stuti Patel | May 6, 2019


Perhaps we’re going through some sort of storm in Online marketing, world changes in a blink of an eye. Every day with a new idea to get audience attention; some may be holy moly, some may be kinda okay. But it always takes a long time to settle down into anything predictable and stable.


Why don't we start with something that has been unfailingly worked?    


Here are six digital strategies that can benefit any kind of business.


1. Responsive Web Design

As digital platforms are having more impact on consumer’s decision, having a great User Interface and User Experience(UI/UX) is very crucial. Generally, a website works as an online presence of your business. Consider a few questions in order to achieve the results you want from your website. Is your website design attractive enough to eyes? Does it have current information? Is it easy to navigate? How much time does it take to load?  If the answers are not satisfactory then maybe its time to update your online image. Make your website responsive enough so that consumers won't jump onto any of your competitors.


2. Influential Email Marketing

Email Marketing provides a personal channel of business communication. It can help you to stay in touch with clients who are interested in your products and services. You can send out new offers and coupons via email to your valued clients. Send out a newsletter to your clients can help to communicate any update or news regarding your business.


3. SEO standards for Website

Search Engine Optimization is the king of the online marketing world and the main key to show up in search results. A website design should follow all the SEO standards to get filter by different search engine algorithms. SEO is based on various factor including Content Design, Link Building, URL design, etc. Search engines are in favour of secure, up to date and frequently updated websites.


4. SEM ( Search Engine Marketing)

Website promotions are very important for your business to reach people. Paid advertising can help you become more visible to potential consumers. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are some of the platforms for paid marketing.


5. Social Media Marketing

We live in an era where people post a picture on social media before they eat that yummy ice cream or post morning selfie almost every morning. Many businesses are uncertain about how to maintain social media accounts, how frequently and what should be their daily feeds. Social media is one critical component of digital strategies.  


6. Set up and update Blog

Blogs play a very crucial part of maintaining SEO. It is usually informative for website visitors and a subtle way of letting your audience know about your services. Updating it more frequently brings more traffic to the website. The goal of a blog is to aware consumer and provide information but not over advertise your products/ services.


Now that you have learned briefly about six digital strategies, it's time to jump on a boat and get started! If you need help, please contact us at 780-752-AAYU.

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